About N-Ace

N-Ace is a web tool for predicting the protein Acetylation site based on Support Vector Machine (SVM), which is training depend on the amino acid sequence and other structural characteristics, such as accessible surface area, absolute entropy, non-bonded energy, size, amino acid composition, steric parameter, hydrophobicity, volume, mean polarity, electric charge, heat capacity and isoelectric point which is surrounding the modification site and implemented two stages SVM method.


Input Sequence(FASTA format only)

Prediction on :

Nε-terminus Acetyllysine (K) 
Select Subcellular Localization of Nε-terminus Acetyllysine (K) :

Nα-terminus Acetylalanine (A)  Nα-terminus Acetylglycine (G) 

Nα-terminus Acetylmethionine (M)  Nα-terminus Acetylserine (S)  Nα-terminus Acetylthreonine (T)